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Whichever style you like best, the auto roofing specialists at Moonlighting Auto Tops have you covered! To learn more about which style suits you and your car best, give us a call at (631) 563-8077 or use the contact page to send us an email.

LANDAU: This option is usually padded and covers the rear section of the roof, including the C pillars.

CANOPY:  This style only covers the front half, or slightly more, of the roof, not including the C pillars.

FULL: This style is the most common and covers the whole roof, including the C pillars.

HALO: Similar to the full style, but leaving an area on painted metal around the top, creating a "halo" effect

Vinyl Tops

A Popular option on classic muscle cars, vinyl tops. Vinyl tops, originally designed to give the appearance of a convertible for hard-top automobiles, eventually became a style all it's own. There are a few styles of Vinyl Tops: