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Simulated Convertible Tops & Carriage Tops

What is a simulated convertible top?

It is style. It is class. And, most importantly, it gives your car a unique look! When you don't want a convertible, but you want your car to stand out from the crowd, this is the option.

Simulated Convertible Top, sometimes known as "Landau Top" or "Carriage Top," has it's roots in the horse-drawn carriage design and style. Many of the same manufacturers building carriages gravitated towards building cars, bringing with them the style and design their customers liked. Of course throughout the years this design has evolved, with every new generation expressing their own style and personality. Think of it as your car's cool haircut !

Today, most major car manufacturers do not offer this as a factory option. The only way to bring this personality to your car is to have an aftermarket installer, a.k.a. Moonlighting Auto Tops, professionally install it for you.

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