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Sunvisors :Along with headliners, sunvisors will be replaced due to wear, damage and fading, usually in conjunction with the headliner to keep the fabric and patterns matching. Moonlighting Auto Tops is proud to offer PUI products headliners and sunvisors. PUI is the leading manufacturer in automobile interior restoration products!

Bow Style Headliner :  This was the popular style for the majority of cars until the mid 1970's. Bow style headliners, also known as "Suspended Headliners," are mounted to the roof using a metal rod (bow) and clip design. A series of rods slide through sleeves on the backside of the headliner, mounting with clips and glue to keep tight.

Convertible Top Headliner :  This is the material that installs on the interior part of the convertible top, covering the convertible top frame. These headliners are standard on most modern cars and available on older models as well.

Board Style Headliner :  This has been the popular option for the majority of cars since the mid 1970's. Board style headliners consist of a rigid board covered in fabric and attached to the roof of the automobile. Sometimes the board will need to be replaced, but normally the old fabric can be removed and the board can be recovered.

Headliners & Sunvisors

The headliner is the ceiling of your car. When you look up, the headliner is what you see. On older model cars these can start to sag or the fabric can peel away from the backing, becoming a nuisance. Water leaks or damage can also be the cause of replacing headliners.

There are a few major styles of headliners: