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Sunroof Water Leaks

 A water leak can begin in one place, like your sunroof, and end up in a totally unrelated area of your car, like the trunk or rear floor carpet. There are many reasons that a sunroof can leak into your car's interior, trunk or engine compartment.

  • Damaged seals
  • Faulty installation (not us of course)
  • Drainage issues

The technicians at Moonlighting Auto Tops have 25 years experience locating and fixing these problems.

** We offer a special fixed-price service that fixes the majority of these issues **  Call us for more information at (631) 563-8077

Water leaks can be a huge problem for any car interior, and sometimes it can be the hardest problem to locate and fix. Water leaks can also lead to many other expensive problems including:

  • Mold damage to carpeting, upholstery and other interior components
  • Rust damage to floor boards and other metal parts
  • Health problems due to breathing dangerous mold!!

Don't let a small water leak turn into an expensive problem for your car or your lungs! The experts at Moonlighting Auto Tops can locate and fix any water leak, preventing any further damage to your automobile.

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